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Hey,I just went through the same thing this weekend; I just took my stock box apart to clear out sand, leaves and crap and check the filter.

It's not entirely clear what you're having problems with, but I'll give you what worked for me.

1. Connect the MAF side first so you can move the airbox around.
2. Getting the hose to the MAF side seated. Get some work gloves, work your hand around the side closest to the engine block and give it a good yank. It'll seat itself with a good thunk.
3. Getting the other side seated; the side closest to the front of the car. If you reach under that connection on the airbox you'll probably notice that it's buldged out, and not seated here when it is on top. That's because if you look under the airbox there's actually a little lip that the hose is supposed to tuck into and not go over. Slide the bottom side into that L shaped lip, and then work the top side. Use a long standard screw driver to give you a little leverage and it'll pop right on. A lot easier than when you were trying to get it on while it was over the L shaped lip.

Hard to describe, but if you look it's obvious. I spent a good 10min trying to figure out why that part of the hose wouldn't slip on.

The MAF side is just brute force, but it will eventually go on. Just make sure you've got gloves because the metal hose clamp will cut you up pretty bad.