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Originally Posted by uhaulball View Post
Okay, this is for anyone that has either done the "silencer" delete mod, and/or the charcoal filter delete mod.

I removed the charcoal filter and now i cant get the actual intake back on.

It all started when i couldnt get the hose to connect to where the intake hole is. it is a very very tight fit and i doubt anyone who did this charcoal delete mod truly/completely refitted their intake hose onto the intake. it has to go all the way back on and it snaps into place due to the shape.

after attempting to do this by pulling on the hose and getting it to fit for an hour, i gave up, and i removed the hose from the other side, and then within 5 minutes i could get the leverage i needed to connect the hose back onto the intake. but now i cannot connect the other end of the hose back to the engine.

How did you guys reconnect this part. Either by the method of connecting the hose to the intake, and then to the engine. or just leaving the hose connected to the engine and then connecting the intake to the hole. Seems impossible to do either way for me.

This was of course, all accomplished in an open area parking lot when it was 0 degrees F. I need help since now i cant drive my car!! Someone please help.
First DO NOT bolt the airbox in, or connect the front hose when re-installing. this gives it enough play to work it back on the hose. You shouldn't need to dis-connect from the engine, only the airbox.

Reach your hand around the hose and wiggle while moving it towards the airbox, while pushing back on the airbox with the other hand. Then twist it a few times until it seats. It's tight and bangs up your hands a little, but it's the only way.

Then, connect the front, and bolt it down. Trust me mine is on all the way. I have done this on my E90, and my E92.

I think most of your issues are the result of the cold my friend. I doubt that the hose shrinks much, but it must be very in-flexible at low temps. It's a little bit of a bear when it's warm out. Maybe try warming your engine up a LITTLE, not hot. That might help.

You'll get it.