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Originally Posted by uhaulball View Post
thats the thing. i couldnt get it on on the MAF side for the life of me, so i disconnected the hose entirely; the other end taht connects the maf side connects to the throttle body/engine. i removed that tube, sat on the floor, and shoved the hose onto the MAF sensor end, but now cant get the other side of the hose back onto the throttle body. the steps u said besides the MAF connections side i all know what u mean, i can do that part. it was the maf hose side that messed me up.

now i gtg take the bus to school, it leaves in 5 minutes.
Dude, you are all over the forum. Look, this is just a thought. Make sure you did not flip the end and try to connect the wrong end. That could be your problem since you been stuck for so long on this and might be frustrated and might have accidentally flip the tube and trying to connect in the wrong end since you mention all the tubes are disconnected.
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