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Non-RFT Tyres - 19" - current prices update


My rear 19" 255/30 tyres are now worn on the inside edge to the point where I need to consider replacement. The rear centres are down to 4mm now anyway, while the fronts still have 6mm in the centre.

Having being quoted 750 for 2 new rear RFT Bridgestones by a main dealer today I'm looking at non-Run Flat options:

So far (these are for 19" 225M BMW OEM rims with 225/35/19 front and 255/30/19 rear tyres):

falken-tyres direct - 450 for set of 4 FK-452s delivered inc VAT, with 265/30 rears instead of 255/30

mytyres - 650 for all 4 in OEM sizes delivered inc VAT - Goodyear EAGLE F1 Assym
mytyres - 658 for all 4 in OEM sizes delivered inc VAT - Vredestein Sessantas

I guess I need to add around 50 to these prices for fitting - will probably use my village garage.

I've emailed Micheldever for a quote too.

Any thoughts / recommendations? What are my front RE050 RFTs typically worth 2nd hand with 6mm tread - as they are 250+ new each, they are still worth a bit?

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