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Originally Posted by BartMack View Post
well, of course you wouldn't... (they'd just go off joyriding-!! )

My point is essentially that you were being generic with the wheels and specific with the car make. If I bought an Ipod from Target I can't return it to WalMart (can I? ) He didn't buy at TR in SF and then seek help at TR in LA.... he didn't buy the rims at TR at all. Maybe he should call BBS?
Well wouldn't it make more sense to use the analogy of, let's say, a charger or headphones for an iPod? He wasn't trying to return the product to a different supplier he was asking questions and potentially buying another part needed for the product which they sold.

I do believe if I bought an iPod at Target, I could go to any other iPod vendor and ask a question and pick up some accessories with no problems.
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