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Originally Posted by BartMack View Post
well, of course you wouldn't... (they'd just go off joyriding-!! )

My point is essentially that you were being generic with the wheels and specific with the car make. If I bought an Ipod from Target I can't return it to WalMart (can I? ) He didn't buy at TR in SF and then seek help at TR in LA.... he didn't buy the rims at TR at all. Maybe he should call BBS?

It would've been charitable if TR HAD helped him with his issue, yes, I'll gladly say that, but to trash a vendor for something they aren't responsible for is not fair IMO.

Suppose some valve adaptors (and I don't know) don't work with some rims? Suppose he has more issues? Is it then Tire Rack's fault for perhaps selling him the wrong ones? What if they're not installed correctly and he has a blowout or something? I mean I dunno, I'm sorry that it all happened that way, but they didn't screw him over IMO at all, and don't deserve the headline either.

So far no one else agrees with me anyway, so hey.
Okay, seriously, what is the joyriding all about? Are you even talking to me, cause I am just so confused. What is that in response to?

Okay, forget my analogies. Here it is bottom line, after asking and searching, Long only wanted to buy valve stems from Tirerack. They didn't sell it to Long because the BBS LM were not purchase from Tirerack.

In my opinion alone, that is bad business. In my eyes, Tirerack has a very poor policy which I deem as a wrong policy for a business. So in my eyes, Tirerack is wrong in the way they do business. But I do not own or set their policy so it doesn't really matter. That is all I am saying, forget all the analogies and what not, in the end, Tirerack's policy lost them a customer and possibly other customers as well.

Bartmack, I really don't want to agrue the points and value in customer service anymore.

I honestly would like to see someone from Tirerack defend this policy and explain how this is good for their business because obviously if they think they have a monopoly on tires and wheels, they are sadly mistaken cause Long was able to secure the valve stems from someone else. If they don't want his business, thats fine, but I am almost certain that this kind of policy will only turn people away.