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Originally Posted by funky_chilli View Post
nar the pic doesn't have the hole in the front for it to be an S
i used to have a really REALLY bad driving in i'd lost my licence a few times etc etc and if i got an S, nobody would insure me!
but i'm good now, haven't had a speeding fine in over three years *touch wood*

btw i have no idea what time an auto cooper S does 0-100km/h. tbh i've never considered an AT MCS, as i regretted getting an auto this time round.
i think in something like a MINI, u gotta go a manual. in something like a 3 series or an X3 in ur csae then it's auto all the way.

but then, in a TT i'd get the DSG - but that's a far superior auto box to anything bmw make....

i love AUDI's DSG system, its so perfect. Brings the AT and MT worlds together and its just the way i like it