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Originally Posted by xenon View Post
It's the thing I hate most about the BMW boxes and notably switched off on Alpina variants. If I want full auto then fine, but if I'm in manual mode then I want to dictate the gear, not the car.

On my 325 if you accelerate briskly in say M3 to nip round a bus or something the sodding thing drops to second, the revs soar and everyone in the car gets thrown about. Mine seemed very sensitive but others I've driven are similar. If I'm in M3 then bloody-well stay in third, there's more than enough power. You wouldn't dream of dropping to second in a conventional manual and even if you wanted to you can use the paddles. That's why, imho, the automatic is totally shite.

Why can't they just program it like Alpina where (in manual mode) is stays in the bloody gear you select, just like, erm... a manual.

(subject to not over-revving / stalling)

Hateful thing.

"manual" mode...on an auto gearbox....pure crap!...

The car still dictates what is the "optimum" gear to be in...fuck that...if i wana hit the rev limiter, thats my choice! "manual" mode the car shouldn't decide!....the driver should! ...

the "manual" mode, is just some fancy paddle gear change bullocks. Allowing the driver to change gear within parameters dictated by the car...

anyways, for real control....its Manual gearbox all the way for me!...