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Just install my first exterior mod - Bought the Matte Black Front Grill Set from Jlevis for $45 + S/H. I didn't want to paint mine and have it chip in a few months. The specs on the ones from Jlevis are:
High Quality ABS Plastic full replacement kidney grill
Matte Black Finish made of true Matte Black ABS Plastic
No chipping, unlike painted or chrome BMW front grills
Two-piece construction, demonstrating their flawless fitment and superior craftsmanship
OEM Slat Style
Flawless Fitment Guaranteed

So for a 15 minute job - I have a set of kidney grills that will last for several years to come. The only reason it took 15 minutes was because I spent 5 minutes detailing the car after I got the original chrome grills and then spent the last 5 minutes stairing at how beautiful it looks - I lot more aggressive.

Funny - I went from a 330i to a 335i and so far all my exterior mods are almost identical to my 330i. Let the mods begin.

P.S. I had no problems removing the 6 torx screws or re-installing it - but I did use a 25 torx bit and not a 20 torx bit. I'll take pictures tomorrow after I give my baby another coat of wax