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Originally Posted by uhaulball View Post
i think i heard once that tirerack was sued and had to pay the claims cuz they lost. they didnt mount tires properly on someone's car and the tire fell off the wheel and the guy ended upd riving into a tree and totalling his car. tirerack had to pay for the damages. so if anything, this is a liabilty policy. if not, they are morons.
Maybe I don't get why a valve stem sale relates to liability issues? The issue again is if you didn't buy stuff from us, we won't help you. If Tirerack mounted and balanced the tires incorrectly, then I agree that they need to be held liable. But if they didn't do the work, how they be held accountable for someone else's actions?

Hahaha I guess I just want to understand badly how this Tirerack policy came about.