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Originally Posted by longtran View Post
so i picked up a set of bbs lm else where. i needed help figuring out how to install the tpm on them. i called tirerack and they said they couldn't help. i spoke to Gary at first. his reply was, he can't help me since i didn't purchase the wheels from them. i thuoght it was just him, so i decided to call again and got another salesman on. he said the same thing. so i made a post about the TPM sensor and vansky answered my question, and even provided me with a part number. Thanks vansky!!! so i got the part number, now its time to order. i call tirerack since they carry a lot of bbs products. i get this comment from them "since i didn't purchase the wheels or the sensors from them, they won't sell me the valve adaptor i need". what a joke...
werd, iono wtf is w/ them but they are elitists when it comes to tpm sensors and valves, they don't sell them ot u if u didn't buy wheels from them. i personally don't understand - u'd think TPM sensors ar some kinda rare resource that they have to hoarde. just go and buy the tpms sensor and valves from bmw dealer.

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