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So this is a well known problem with our vehicles an usually the fix is to replace components (pads, calipers, etc.) but doesn't typically provide a permanent solution. I went into my dealership and had a lengthy discussion with my SA and the shop foreman, who seem genuinely interested in taking care of this annoying problem. According to the SA, they have been back and forth with BMWNA, who has actually acknowledged the issue - admitting you have a problem is the first step to recovery...or something like that. There has been a "technical case" opened on the situation (does this mean PUMA case?) and the dealership and BMWNA have been going back and forth attempting to find the appropriate PERMANENT solution. They are keeping the car overnight and will be continuing to work on it throughout tomorrow, hopefully with a positive outcome. I'm not holding my breath just yet, but it was nice to know that there is a significant effort going on - even if it does mean that my car is now the guinea pig (apparently BMWNA keeps coming up with possible ways to fix the issue, the service dept tries it, drives it, still hears the squeak, and go back to BMWNA, try again.) Should hopefully get it back on Monday and we'll see what they've figured out.