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When will Audi announce this monster's arrival to North America?

If it's not announced for NA by April/MAY Latest, I'm just going to buy an M3. I can't wait any longer. I've waited 2 years, and now these assholes are giving deliveries in FALL? I want to enjoy my car in winter.

Footie, you need to find this out for me man. I'm dying here. I need this bloody car. And I wish I thought highly of the American market, I'm actually from Canada (We are british too, you know... We just sound weird!).

UGH if I have to get an M3, seriously. THIS CAR IS SO FUCKING NICE!

And btw YOUYOU, my parents do not lease their cars. I know lots of people do, but leasing isn't the same as owning the car...

My parents also get vehicle loans for nearly 0 percent (subprime of 0.9) and that's largely because they operate a high-equity business.