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Originally Posted by LKNGOOD View Post
I just ordered the BMW E90/91/92/93 3 Series 'M' Perforated Leather Shift Knob/Boot and E-Brake Handle Kit from Tischer BMW. (Item Number: PKE90KNOBBRAKE)

I also want the Short Shifter Kit but don't need the Alcantara Shift Boot or the Alcantara Shift Knob that comes with the SSK.

I want to use the "M" Perforated Leather Shift Knob/Boot and still have a short shifter. Based on, these are the parts I need for a short shifter without buying the entire SSK.

Part Number:
25 11 0434219 - Shift Lever (aka short shift lever) $66
25 11 1220600 - Bearing Shift Lever $6.48
(Part number 25111220600 was superseded by part number 25111469397)
25 11 1220379 - Circlip $0.54
Part number 25111220379 was superseded by part number 25117571899.

Are these the exact same parts that is included in the SSK (Short Shifter Kit) minus the Alcantara Shift Knob and Alcantara Shift Boot? Do I need to order anything else to have the same SSK if I use the "M" Perforated Shift Knob and boot that I just ordered.

Mike Nguyen
What you need to do is check out this link:

This IS what I just did a week ago, what you are describing. The kit and I got the M perforated leather. Check the link, your part numbers are not right forthe real 335i SSK. I think you have the parts for the 330i short lever, but that's not the real OEM SSK. The big difference is the Shift Arm, check the link and PM me if you have questions as I just did what you want to do.

Only thing is that I don't think they sale the SSK alone, I got from a forum member used. Good luck!