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Originally Posted by McCartney View Post
When will Audi announce this monster's arrival to North America?

If it's not announced for NA by April/MAY Latest, I'm just going to buy an M3. I can't wait any longer. I've waited 2 years, and now these assholes are giving deliveries in FALL? I want to enjoy my car in winter.

Footie, you need to find this out for me man. I'm dying here. I need this bloody car. And I wish I thought highly of the American market, I'm actually from Canada (We are british too, you know... We just sound weird!).

UGH if I have to get an M3, seriously. THIS CAR IS SO FUCKING NICE!

And btw YOUYOU, my parents do not lease their cars. I know lots of people do, but leasing isn't the same as owning the car...

My parents also get vehicle loans for nearly 0 percent (subprime of 0.9) and that's largely because they operate a high-equity business.

Dude, ur not the only one that's been waiting for this car to arrive in NA. It took 3 years before Audi made the TTRS (which is another car I was longing for) since the new redesign of the TT but the damn thing won't even make it to Canada!

I'm already freaking happy that the RS5 will be in the showrooms by fall of this year! It not even making it across the ocean scared the hell out of me

If you really need a high performance car now, why not just lease the new S4 for a little while and then make the payment for the RS5 when it hits Canada later on this year. I'm sure the Audi sales rep will be happy to have u as his customer lol