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Originally Posted by Garduna View Post
Dude, ur not the only one that's been waiting for this car to arrive in NA. It took 3 years before Audi made the TTRS (which is another car I was longing for) since the new redesign of the TT but the damn thing won't even make it to Canada!

I'm already freaking happy that the RS5 will be in the showrooms by fall of this year! It not even making it across the ocean scared the hell out of me

If you really need a high performance car now, why not just lease the new S4 for a little while and then make the payment for the RS5 when it hits Canada later on this year. I'm sure the Audi sales rep will be happy to have u as his customer lol
Nah, my parents hate leasing. They firmly believe in owning the vehicle if they're paying any money for it... And for them it makes sense, if you had the option of buying a car but only paying like 1000-2000 more spread out over 60ish months, well that makes financing a whole lot easier....

I don't like my Audi dealerships here, I just want the RS5. S4 is too slow, if I wanted something like that I would have sprugn for the S5 2 years ago... :/

Now it's either the M3 or RS5. And if the RS5 is >110k with ceramic breaks I'm going to have to pass, since my parents gave me a hard budget of 100k (and I can MAYBE Push that to 105-110 including tax) so I'm not gonna wait to be disappointed.

A used R8 has also come to mind, although I'm not too sure if I want to drive it in winter since it might be too low. If I can get some bilsteins for it and raise it then that would be an option, too.