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Originally Posted by footie View Post
I was only showng my experience of life and how I was brough up. Each parent has to chose their own path for their children but I personally don't think it's the right one to buy a $100K motor for them, it never teachs them the value of things (expensive things in this case) not the enjoyment that comes from earning those goods themselves.
Agreed. My first car is also my current car, the 128i bmw. My money, not my parents. They were willing to help me out but I said no. The monthly bills I gotta pay aren't fun to look at but it helps build you up on how to manage your finances and it definitely does make you appreciate the value of money.

If the starting price of the RS5 really is $68,250, it'll be $9,850 MORE than the base price of a M3 coupe. That's terrible.......... I can see perhaps a 3-5k jump but 10k? You gotta be kidding me if that's gonna be the actual starting price.

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