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Originally Posted by Castel View Post
Hi Mike,

As I said in my earlier post, I installed the "true" BMW OEM SSK in my 335i INCLUDING the Shift Arm. It was a pain to replace it because there's not much room to work in there. The shift arm lies over the driveshaft so you have to work around it. You also have to bend the heat shield further back in order to be able to take it out. If you have worked on your car before, go for it, at least check it out. Taking the previous shift arm out is the difficult part, putting in the new shift arm in is a lot easier. If I where you I'll jack the car up and take out the plastic panel and check out the assembly for myself. You'll get an idea of how much room you have under the car and how the shift arm is held in place. If you decide to do this or buy the kit and do it yourself send me a PM and I'll help you out/give you a couple of pointers/tips so you know what to look for. Another forum member, dtp3347, gave me some pointers and what to look for and this helped me out immensely.

If you are unable to do it after trying it out have an independent shop do it.

Good luck!
Thanks for the info,

I was just quoted $200 to install this kit including the Shift Arm (BMW CPO Tech doing some side-jobs). I usually do everything myself but don't want this to be an excuse to void my CPO warranty. Since it will be done by the CPO technician - I should not have to worry about any warranty issues. Right?