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Originally Posted by ZJP View Post
Lately my car has been taking longer to crank over in the morning, even in warmer weather at times. Never got a 1/2 engine light, no limp modes, no SES light, etc. Do you think it could just be time to change the spark plugs or is it more common to be early stages of a faulty HPFP? I'm JB3 tuned btw.
i've been having the same problem for about a month now, i doubt it's the spark plugs, it sounds too much like an HPFP issue, unfortunately, as my dealer told me, there's nothing they can do until it spits out an error message... meaning, i get stuck in the morning on my way to work. they really should be more flexible with this, i mean they know it's a problem because they've extended the warranty to 100k miles or so.