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Originally Posted by BimmerMan43 View Post
To make it short out of a long deal... if you have a "poor" or a short credit history and your score isn't as high as it could be... keep paying of the car monthly... it will boost your credit score and give you a better history... making it more likely to get a loan for a better deal in the future... if you already have a good credit history and have a good enough credit score... go ahead... pay it off... you'll save a lot of money...

FYI - i am on my third house purchased ( i rent 2 other properties out) and i've done the payment thing on 3 other cars and paid them off. my credit score is extremely high

want to know something funny though? I only keep one credit card in my wallet and a debt card, and the limit on my CC is only 3k ( because i dont want a higher limit).