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I live near BMWNA as well and get to see the newer cars all the time. Especially since many BMW workers come by the local highway, rt 17, so you see them as they pass by my town. Also MB NA is also nearby so you see their test cars as well (not that I really care for MBs =). And there is also a Audi Tech Center, where they bring their cars for long term road testing in the Northeast (my bro is a Audi tester and gets to drive all the Audi cars - in production, and not).

As for the 335is, like most people are saying love the wheels. Not so crazy about the outside mirrors and the back defuser on the back bumper. I read somewhere (some mag) they said it looks slightly off, and cheap. Definitely looks it from the pix.

But still, I think for the price better off with a stripper M3 or a 335i with the M-sport gear. Just me.