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I had this problem and decided to fix it myself. I searched for a DIY for cleaning the filter. I mean it's only a water bottle how hard can it be? 3 hours later, hands cut to ribbons and the whole of the drivers side wheel arch removed I finally managed to get the bottle out, removed the pump and gave it a good clean. It was all blocked up with black slime. 1 hour later everything was back together (no bits left over). Jumped in the car and tried the washers but still no water. I could hear the pump and smell the fluid but no sign of water. Jumped back out the car and looked under the bonnet only to see water collecting around the cover at the scuttle panel. I decided to whip this off and try disconnecting the hose from the jet to blow through the hose which is supposedly a quick fix for the blockage problem. When I removed the panel I discovered the hose wasn't even connected to the washer jet . I didn't know whether to laugh or cry.