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First of all oil cooler is a must to track this car in hot weather(above 70f).Second to keep things cooler run higher gear in corners(there is enough tourqe down low)to keep RPM lower=lower heat generated.Third,but most important (unless you are experienced racer)keep the DAM DSC ON at all time.It will not slow you down much(if any)and it just might safe your BUT>it surely beats wrecking the $53K trying to be a hero.I tracked my 335i with DSC on and with multiple laps it actualy will make you faster in the long run(it keeps tires from sliding in the corners)which will prevent your tires from overheating,which=more grip in the corners=faster times=less tire wear=MOORE FUNN.DSC off mode I would save for drifting,not for tracking the car.By the way I noticed the DSC to be absolutly not intrusive almost 100% of the time,the car still can be driven at the limit of grip.When it does come on is when you make mistake by braking to late into the corner or when you overdrive your tires.Also,changing your stock alligment specs to DINAN spec settings will help your car with understeer and make it neutral handling. Front toe L 0.08,R 0.08 total toe 0.16 front Rear toe R 0.12,L 0.12 total rear toe 0.24(by DINAN specs)
I actualy run rear at 0.14+0.14 = 0.28 total rear toe and LOVE the neutral handling.From the factory this car just sucks(it want's to go straight only)DINAN spec alligment cures that condition...
GOOD LUCK at the track students...!!!
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