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Originally Posted by Couch View Post
I can't get this chick out of my head. I want to completely forget about her, but I can't. I met her my last year of college, when she moved in next door (which was back in 04/05.

From the minute I met her there was this butterfly feeling in my gut that wouldn't disappear. I had never felt anthing like it. We seemed to get along great at first, and all of my friends could tell there was something that seemed right between us. I still to this day, blame my roomate for a lot of my heartache and problems with her. Instead of being a good friend he continually flirted with her and made sure he stood out more than me.

While they never became anything more than friends (as far as I know) I think it hurts that I never had that friendship with her. I already didn't trust my roomate from past experiences and how he wronged other friends. I'm pretty sure from my watchful eye that nothing went on.

Once I graduated and moved home I finally got her out of my head and heart completely. Then about a month ago I woke up with her on my mind and it's been there since. Today I made the mistake of checking out her Facebook page.

The worst part is I know deep down it was not meant to be. She's a small town girl, and we all know what most of those girls are like. We'll this one anyway. Maybe I just want to have that feeling again and see it in return. I just want to forget.

I wrote this as a stress reliever more than anything. If you have or want to offer any advice or just say you know the feeling that'd be cool. Obviously a lot more to the story than could be said in a matter of minutes.

So did you ever even ask her out ????????