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Originally Posted by DanE92 View Post
Also,changing your stock alligment specs to DINAN spec settings will help your car with understeer and make it neutral handling. Front toe L 0.08,R 0.08 total toe 0.16 front Rear toe R 0.12,L 0.12 total rear toe 0.24(by DINAN specs)
I actualy run rear at 0.14+0.14 = 0.28 total rear toe and LOVE the neutral handling.From the factory this car just sucks(it want's to go straight only)DINAN spec alligment cures that condition...
Besides toe adjustment, do you just run factory alignment specs (camber, caster)?

I've heard that you can't dial in too much camber because of factory restrictions, but if you remove some "mounting pin", you can get more front camber. Have you done this?