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Originally Posted by v4voodoo View Post
I love this part. I'm getting my LI next week to install on an E92. Would you be so kind to share where you put the main unit and how you routed the wires to install the kill switch this way?
sure. I used the instuctions for the rear fog light install,, to pop out the headlight switch housing, and vent.

My Blinder ECU is tucked at the top, of the side panel, just left of brake pedal. You can access it by dropping the lower dash panel (connects w/ screws under the steering wheel). But, my ECU is small and has an auxillary speaker.

The LI ECU is much larger, and has internal speaker. You will probablly want to tacky tape mount is to the outside of the lower dash panel. above the dead pedal or something. So, you can hear the warnings. Otherwise you will not hear alerts isn't very loud. ( I have an LI on my Murano).

To access the gromet where you can pass the cables from the heads through from the engine bay, up at the firewall, you will have to drop the lower dash panel (driver's side). This is also how you will thread the switch wires up to the vent (really down from the vent to ECU). They run from the vent down, along the inner dash brace, and come out behind the trunk button. Once the lower panel is down and vents/healight switch is out, it is pretty clear where you can route between the two.

HINT: With the panel down, I stuck a flash light at the bottom behing the trunk button, and aimed up towards the vent. Then thread my wires from vent, down towards the light. Once wires are close to light, grab the wires to pull them down the rest of the way and pull over to ECU location.

Now drill your small dash hole. Make sure not to drill too deep...maybe only 1/2" of excess space once you are through the 1/2" dash material. There is hard styrofoam behind the dash. I drilled just a bit of it. It didn't affect anything, but no need to mess it up.

Then run your wires from vent over to littel dash hole you drilled and pop in the switch.

Let me know if this isnt'' clear.
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