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Originally Posted by CdnE90 View Post
Besides toe adjustment, do you just run factory alignment specs (camber, caster)?

I've heard that you can't dial in too much camber because of factory restrictions, but if you remove some "mounting pin", you can get more front camber. Have you done this?
The ideal alignment varies a lot anyway depending on how experienced you are, how hard you drive it on track, and whether it has to be driven on the street as well. It's difficult if not impossible to have a very well set up track car that is streetable. If you get to -2.5 or -3.0 degrees camber then it will work well on track but probably eat the insides of the tires on the street. I'm actually thinking about selling the Cayman and getting another 335i because the way I have the Cayman set up right now it sucks on the street and it's my only car. It's fun on track though