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Sorry, I didn't see your post. I forget to check this forum.
I really like the 328, it's a great car. If I could have spent an extra $3-4k and waited a bit I might have gotten the 335. Then again, I've had high hp turbo cars and fast sportbikes and find that all they do is get me into trouble...haha
For me, the power of the 328 is more fun because I can really get on it and have fun without getting up to ridiculous speeds. It actually has a nice powerband, plenty to pass and merge onto the freeway.
The other reason I didn't jump on the 335 is it's a first year twin turbo...
That doesn't really matter though if you're leasing the car. Kinda throws out the window my reasons for buying the 328 over the 335. If I was leasing it and knew I'd turn it in I would have gone with the 335, but since I wanted something long term I got the 328 and love it.

p.s. which optimum product do you use for heavy swirls? I'm thinking of having someone remove the heavy scratches the dealer put on my car. Like I mentioned, I got the light stuff out with OP but I'm hesitant to go more aggressive since I'm a noob at polishing. The PC is pretty noob friendly though.