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Originally Posted by SoYank View Post
Use a process of elimination:
  1. Don't sell a left hand, you'll need that for shifting. Don't sell the right hand, you'll need that to hold the wheel while you're shifting.
  2. Don't sell either foot, you'll need the left for the clutch and and the right for the gas.
  3. You've got two ears. You only need the righthand one so you can hear the sirens but without the left one you have an excuse for ignoring your significant other while driving.
  4. You need both eyes for, among other things, stereoscopic vision for depth perception and also for admiring the body lines of a) the car, and b) the significant other. [in that order?]
  5. You can't live without a liver; you can live without a spleen; without a pancreas you're probably going to need insulin.
  6. You've got two lungs. There's a possibility.
Some people can get by with selling their brain since they rarely use it.
Some people can't sell their heart 'cause they haven't got one.
Actually the 335d is only available in auto - so the whole left arm could go.