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i HATE eBay

Long story short, I wanted to sell my Sony Ericsson P990 on ebay. The first time, a bidder won who had 0 feedback and was a brand new user, I automatically saw red flags. Indeed he tried pulling out the Nigerian scam on me.

Second time, I second offered to another bidder but he did not accept because he found the phone somewhere else, immediatly after he was outbid.

Third time, I relisted the phone and ebay got suspicious and thought that someone is using my account to list these items 2 days in a row so they cancelled out the listings.

So finally after explaining my situation to the fraud department, they gave me some hints (set preference to require bidders to have paypal only and request immediate payment upon hitting the "buy-it-now" feature), which I successfully set in to effect and relisted the item once again.

This time however, somebody did win it with a legitamate feedback of 100% but turns out that, that users account had been hijacked and yet again I received those same emails about the Nigerian scam!!!!!!! :mad: :mad: :mad:

I had a talk with ebay security again, here is the convo, they just don't give a s***.

shpuntiktwo:**Hi, I am very concerned. This is my 4th attempt at selling the same item on ebay and I can not get way from this rediculous fraud. The first couple of times, a member with 0 feedback and no bid history, won the item and tried to commit the nigerean fraud by sending me emails that he was a business man from UK, visiting the US and to send him the package to Nigeria, and then sent me a fake paypal email saying that he sent the money. However this time, item #250082339758 was sold to what looks like a legitamate ebay member with 100% feedback, however I am guessing that someone stole his account because yet again, I recieved the same set of emails for the exact amount shown. I can forward you these emails. My username is Shpuntiktwo, real name Dmitriy XXXXXXX, phone #XXX-XXX-XXXX Street Address XXXX XXXX XXXXXXXXX XXXXXX. I am getting very very frustrated with eBay, it used to be a very simple process and I even took the advice of another service advisor and set my preferences to paypal only, however I can not seem to get away from this. Please advise.
Your chat session has started..

Shaquille:**Thank for you contacting Account Security Live Help. My name is
Shaquille and I would be happy to assist you. Please hold while I review your account and item # 250082339758

Shaquille:**It does appear that the account of cb700man was accessed by a third party to place unauthorized bids, we are in the process of securing this account.

Shaquille:**Your listing will be cancelled and all fees will be credited back to you.

shpuntiktwo:**I understand that, but what is the point of me putting these items back up for sale when all I get is fraud

shpuntiktwo:**don't you think that it is nothing but utter stupidity and ignorance for me to keep on listing these items, always knowing that I will get a scam?

Shaquille:**I do understand your frustration, the true account owner may have unknowingly replied to spoof email which led to the unauthorized bids.
shpuntiktwo:**that is of no concern to me, who is to say that the next time I put this item up for sale, this will not happen again?

shpuntiktwo:**because for the past 4 times, this is all that has been happening

shpuntiktwo:**logically, would you do it?

Shaquille:**unfortunately we cannot prevent it from happening again.

shpuntiktwo:**and why is that?

Shaquille:**if an existing account is taken over by a third party to place bids, we cannot prevent any bids from being placed until we detect the unauthorized activity.

shpuntiktwo:**right and that is understandable, however why can't other measures be taken into effect in order to prevent existing accounts from bieng taken over by unauthorized third parties?

Shaquille:**we have taken steps to educate our members on spoof emails such as creating a spoof tutorial, creating the eBay account guard, and the 'My Messages' feature.

shpuntiktwo:**this is getting no where Shaquille, because you are basically telling me that no matter what, I am always at risk to bieng defrauded on ebay

shpuntiktwo:**anyway I appreciate you returning the fees and cancelling out the listing, however I would appreciate it (even though chances are it will not be done), if you can escalate this conversation to the proper superiors. I am not the last person that will have this level of frustration, that I can guarantee. What I CAN NOT guarantee is that, that next individual will not take legal action.

Shaquille:**I do understand your frustration. The following page on fraudulent
payments can be viewed later: Your feedback is important to me. At the end of this chat, you will have the opportunity to take a survey on how well Iíve been able to assist you. I'm glad I could help you today. Thank you for using Live Chat, have a nice day

Your chat has ended. Please click the Quit button

What do you guys think I should do? Take my chances, pray, and re-list it? Or tell ebay to screw themselves and don't sell the phone.

In reality we all use eBay ALL the time, for whatever reason it may be it is a great resource. But when push comes to shove this is just straight up frustrating errrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!!!!