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Originally Posted by mjh93sa View Post
Perhaps that's the way out. Provided that either the manufacturer or consumer can offset the carbon through whatever means then they can still produce higher C02 levels.

I can see it now. Property speculators buying up land to be turned into forests

Seriously though all of the car companies, and a lot of the consumers aren't going to like this. They'll take some convincing, and the government that goes along with it won't get voted back in.

It's the same with road pricing. It'll take some balls for any government to introduce it knowing that it'll lose them the next election.

Until public transport is a viable alternative we'll all be wedded to our cars. In the Great British tradition we'll moan, groan, but ultimately pay up.
What is scary about this one in comparison to road pricing is that it is potentially a european directive. The british government will be able to hold up their hands and say it is not of there doing.

What's even more unpleasant is unlike the company car legislation which forced people into smaller less polluting cars through financial penalties, this would ABSOLUTELY restrict consumer choice.

I respect the concept and frankly expect to end up having to pay through the nose for any sort of fast car. What I can't live with is the idea that it might be flat out illegal to buy a new one.