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Originally Posted by needforspeed View Post
To be fair - you pay ebay a VERY small fee to act as a facilitator enabling you to agree a sale with another private individual.

You can hardly hold them financially to account if the other individual turns out to be a fraudster.

I'm pretty new to ebay - but I think that the system does work generally. Sounds to me like you just had some bad luck.
I don't want to hold them financially accountable for anything, all I am asking is for them to instill some kind of new security system so that this can be prevented. I know its like taking a shot in the dark but it will be worth thier time in the long run. Also that VERY small fee for thier services, is what made them the #1 auction site and if they can not be held responsible for something that they are taking a financial gain from, then they would have been out of a business a long time ago. It is like you paying your AMEX a $50 dollar annual fee (roughly $4.02/month)for thier services, however if you get charged for an item that you have never purchased, they should just screw you over and forget about it???