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big m world

Just bought a bmw 520 4 weeks ago from big motoring world. After 3 days a computer fault occurred,i went back and they changed some small part within 5 mins to get rid of it. After another 5 days i went back for a similar occurrence. This time they changed my battery for another one which did not seem too lively,this took 10 mins.

4 days later in London at 7am in the morning the car wouldn't start ,completely dead. The RAC took the car back to Big Motoring World on a Saturday morning. As nobody works on Saturday they said they would fix it on Monday. I called and they said they couldn't look at it that day as it wasn't booked in !!

They asked me what was wrong with it - I said it needs a new battery. It took them a week to fix it !

It only takes 10 minutes to change a battery! The after sales responsibility is non existent with Big Motoring World. Ii have never come across such bad service. It seems once they have your money they couldn't care less what happens to the car you have just bought. I would advise nobody to buy a car from there unless you have your own very good mechanic standing by!