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I got a couple cars from a couple dealers, buying cars, it comes down to the person ur dealing with.

Open Road bmw is a good dealer to buy from, just got to get the right person, that goes for buying from any dealer. But my last car i bought there with a worker who isnt there anymore was very GOOD.

Life quality, only person i heard that was good there was Andy, i got a car from him aswell, and the experience was very positive overall aswell.

As for service, i have had many good service experiences with Open road, and have yet to go to life quality for service to see how it is, as many people say it isnt very good. But since i know the work at Open road is good, i continue to service my car there.

Servicing your car can be done anywhere, just got to start to get know the SA, and the service manager. so look around the area, there is many dealer within a hour drive.. see which people like best and seem to fit u best.