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At 56k miles in 21 months of ownership my June 08 335i M sport was showing no signs of the infamous HPFP failure, perfect idle, perfect start everytime, but just over a week ago it started throwing up the emissions light. Took it straight to my dealer and they could find nothing wrong, and cleared the light.

Following morning on way to work it flashed up engine malfunction and went immediately into limp mode, before almost stalling in front of oncoming traffic at a T-junction. Called BMW emergency services and their technician spent over an hour trying to trace a fault before it threw an ECU software code when stalling at idle.

Car was recovered to dealer, and after a day of testing it apparently showed that all four O2 sensors (either side of the Cat) recorded that the car was running too lean and that they believed the HPFP was the cause. Have now installed the new pump (943) but still cant have car back, as it now shows that the injectors are not working correctly and these are on back order.