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Originally Posted by awesome View Post
any last minute suggestions for some severe anxiety??? haha i can't WAIT till it's over.
Yep, advices above are good, but you probably won't get much sleep tonight... Do not take any pills. Try to turn yourself off tomorrow and stay cool. You will most likely not know what the 5th section (non-graded) is, so stay on top of it all the way.
I was praying for two things, 1) the games not to be the first section, and 2) reading not to be non-graded section (I hated it, so I did not want to go through it twice).
Both things happened -- games first, reading was there twice...
I messed up the games -- that was my strongest section on practices (for 6 months missed only 4 answers there), but I knew I messed up the whole game (like 6 answers)...or I thought so...

Ended up with a decent score (168), but almost dropped it...

Ah, yes, although you will probably think you messed it up -- do not drop it unless you're completely sure you messed it up