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Originally Posted by Z4 Beemer View Post
The Matiz really has a 0.8 engine? My electric toothbrush will have more torque than that. Has anyone actually driven any of these?
I have

Back in malaysia where I took my drivers license, the test fleet is the Produa Kancil. 0.66 Litres of fury

The specs

31ps with 5kgm sounds crappish, but considering the car's weight, it's a decent moveabout car in the city. Moreover, it's so so simple to park.

Other merits are that the car is so simple, anyone can fix it, the unbelievable fuel economy, and you can juts leave your car unattended, not worrying if anything happens to it.

It really redefines the "pleasure of driving". All you need is to get fuel and you are good to go, no worries whatsoever (except maybe when a tanker overtakes you on the highway and you get sucked away by the pressure).