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Talking Surprise in APRIL, more details to come!

As featured on Bimmerpost Homepage.

Last post before I get my car back in November, its been quite a long road not helped by the fact that everytime I thought the car was almost done, I found more things on this forum that I wanted to do!

Keep your eye out in November in the pictures section, for......."Surprise in NOVEMBER, its finally done!"

Sorry for the lack of posts, replies and updates and pics! I've been trying to get settled into new job! As many of you can tell, its far past April by now and yeah there's still much to do and many more mods that I've decided on along the way!

At this moment ETA is looking more like end of June to Mid July!

Anyways for those who want only pics and haven't looked at this thread before, you'll find progress pics on pages 3,4,5,7,12,13,14!

More pics soon as per usual! IDRIVE CIC part 1 is waiting at the post office! (5/28/2010)

Hi all!

Been holding my breath since Nov, well actually Sept 2009!
Definately looking forward to introduce my car to you all when it
finally gets to see the light of day in April by which time it's spent more,
than 5 months in the workshops!

I must admit, this forum and its members and vendors have been a huge source of inspiration for me! Especially the other Alex's M3 conversion! (Black/Green) It has been a really long and testing time!

Okies, well here's what my car started life out as:

2007 Manual 335i coupe purchased with 20,000kms
Space grey, standard 5 spoke 18" rims optioned with comfort access and professional nav.

Without giving away too much.......(they'll be a full write up coming, with pics)

- M3 body conversion (I know a lot disapprove of this but honestly, I couldn't find a kit that I liked better)

- M3 side mirrors (Still have CF covers for these but deciding whether or not to put them on!)

- Exhaust and catless dump pipes

- LCI updated tail lights (Had aftermarket LED ones but only as a temporary thing until these came out!)

- New CF bonnet and trunk

- New CF front lip

- New interior accents

- 20" rims

- Respray into a ferrari color

- 3 BMW performance goodies

- Procede

- Meth

- Customised speedo

- Intercooler

- Chargepipe and forge valves

- CDV replacement

- Aftermarket air filter

- Koni FSD (on backorder Grrrr.....)

If there are any wondering why I didn't just go for a M3, my total project cost including labor is still under 2/3 of the cost a M3 over here in Australia.

Besides I got bitten by the tuning bug long long ago. I know a lot of the mods may not be to many's tastes but many of you that have been on the tuning band-wagon will know and appreciate that its takes a lot of time, effort and money to tune and its very much a personal pleasure!

Well that's it so far, the asthetics are pretty much done so waiting for the performance mods to be completed! Stay tuned!

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