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Originally Posted by branabolic View Post
this SSK was one of the first mods i did to my car, and i tell everyone it is a MUST!!! i should probably pony up and get the DSSR now too, as i'm pretty sure it was unavailable when i bought my SSK.
branabolic, I agree. BMW is about connection to the road and the stock shifter is a bit barrier to that in my opinion.

Originally Posted by GreenPlease View Post
Great write up! Thanks!
No problem at all.

Originally Posted by dzenno View Post
Great DIY..I'm shocked you had that much play (1/2 inch to 1 inch) when in gear..that doesn't sound right...On my stock shifter I have ZERO play..
Have you moved that knob around in gear? Mine was very sloppy and lose!

Originally Posted by Orion4 View Post
I installed the UUC SSK in my 99 540 Sport 6M in 2004 at 35K miles (before they came out with the DSSR). Hugh difference!! Made the manual really feel responsive and you didn't have to "fish" for the shift slots like the stock. I agree, it is a bit "notchy", but I like it. Once you get used to it, don't even notice it.

Orion, thanks! I have so many mods to my drivetrain that I am enjoying now. The break in period is killing me because I am ready to drive this baby!

Originally Posted by ATL E92 View Post
just installed the ssk a few weeks ago, now im REALLY wanting the dssr! very nice writeup. UUC is great, I got to ride around in John's e90 M3 when I was picking my ssk up... insanely good driver, I have never experienced driving like that! Everyone I met at UUC was very knowledgeable, highly recommend the ssk. by far the best mod I have done to my car!
We are lucky in the BMW world. The car is an incredible machine stock, but at the same time there is room for improvement. I agree this is a "must" mod.

Originally Posted by kirby135i View Post
for those of you that did the SSK...did u also switch out CDV?
CDV is long gone on my car. It helps, but I am now convinced the luggy stock flywheel is the cause for a lot of the rev matching jerkiness that comes with this car. At around 35 lbs it really hurts the drivability of this car IMO. It is quiet, but it hurts the driveability.