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Originally Posted by Alpina_B3_Lux View Post
Yes. Great combination, I'm very happy with both. In particular, it's one modification that you really use a lot and feel distinctly every time you drive. Even more so if you swap cars from time to time...!

Thanks also to FBIS for the great write-up that describes exactly what I'm experiencing as well - I have the SSK+DSSR since about 6 weeks ago and it's truly great.

@FBIS: I still have some (albeit little) slop when in gear. I read on the M-Forum that sometimes the washers used by UUC are undersized which induces slop - do you think that's the cause?

Alpina, thank you for the kind words. I wonder if you made sure the washers did seated properly under the slip on clips? I was very careful to seat the DSSR assembly properly.

Originally Posted by DJKhan85 View Post
is this even possible with the tranny still in place. I'd really like to change to this set up but I'm a weekend driveway mechanic and don't have time to go to a shop to get this done during the week. I'll hhave to peak under there some time to see if it's even possible.
I think it is definitely doable, but you would need proper lighting and use these pictures to feel around. Knowing what you are feeling for would be a big help. I think lowering the rear transmission mounts to tilt the tranny would be a huge help!

Originally Posted by eclipsor View Post
Wow, BMW folks definitely like their SSKs....

Nice writeup.
eclipsor, thank you for the comments.

Originally Posted by NiVeDh View Post
Dtp's lift was really helpful in installing the DSSR. However, I had to reinstall it on ramps and it was close to impossible but I managed to do it. My small hands helped a lot.

I still have a lot of in-gear slop with the DSSR. I also have 37k miles on my car so maybe that's why.

The Evo3 + DSSR is a great upgrade though - one of my favorite mods.
NiVeDh, I wonder if you got the washers under the clips properly in the reinstall? I have zero slop now.

Originally Posted by Sniz View Post
yes u do...probalby just dont realize it.

Love my UUC ssk and DSSR as well.

good product.

FBI....glad u picked up that one, you'll enjoy it. UUC makes great pieces, lately their clutches seemed to be less than perfect though.
Sniz, I think I will be enjoying it a lot in the coming weeks. I just need to break in the clutch before I can really enjoy things.

Originally Posted by JacksonHandy View Post
I ordered mine on the 1st. It hasn't shipped yet. I'm getting antsy. Like Ricky Bobby says, I wanna go fast.
I wonder if they are back ordered? Have you called at all to get a ship date?