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Originally Posted by cincy335i View Post
Awesome!!! I love my UUC SSK and DSSR!!!

I conducted a GB last year, as it was quite challenging, it all worked out pretty well. Some delays, some issues, but that was to be expected with UUC coming out with the DSSR to go along with the SSK. The gang at UUC have been great and they always came through when it mattered. I would recommend this set-up to everyone who has a MT!!

Great review Former Boosted, as always...enjoy the new shifting experience!!! UUC FTW! Rob, John and Arjun are as good as they come...IMO!

As JPSimon said, time to get a new shift knob!! UUC has some great ones!

Originally Posted by Malekreza11 View Post
Nice right up man.

1/2"-1" slop while in gear is not normal. My car and many others I have dealt with don't have that much slop if any. The stock shift knob, does suck however.

Gear noise? You shouldn't have expected any as the BMW has an external linkage assembly unlike the IS300 you are used to which the shifter resides directly in the transmission. The only time the IS300's would eliminate that was with the V160 swap (and as you know, that's not common) So yes, on a car like that, there will be syncro whine and noise through the shifter.

Great write up though as always.

What clutch did you end up going with?

Malek, I should have the clutch write up soon. I will say that it is not like any clutch that is on any 135/335 at this point. I suspect you will know what that means.