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Originally Posted by Mr. 5 View Post
I like the idea of everything but I installed a UUC SSK in my e46 M3 and I honestly liked the sloppy shifting a lot better.
There was something about the slop that made it easier to throw in gear but I'm curious if the install was correct.
Does this make sense or am I in the minority?

I guess my question is...Does this SSK make it easier to get into gear or does is just make the throw shorter resulting in making it harder to get into gear?
Mr. 5, the problem for me was that the distance from 2nd to 3rd was too long and I missed the shift from time to time. The other issue was that the "slop" sometimes feel like I couldn't predict the gear gate location at times. You obviously know fast shifting is important these problems hindered me. Now I feel the shift location is predictable and the shorter distance makes it easier for me to shift quickly.