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Originally Posted by crewjock View Post

thanks for the update. i'm the last of the lot who doesn't carry an iPod, but use iTunes and have them on my memory stick (USB). Since I plan on keeping this car for 5 years (and it's fully optioned), it might be best to pass on my delivery (expected late March) and order one with the new USB (6FL) adapter. I better not trust my sales rep, he told me that this new unit can be dealer installed.
If you use iTunes via a memory stick there could be a problem. I'm not positive about this, but I believe that the memory stick has to used with a computer that has been registered with Apple. If this is the case, I think that there would be no way to register the BMW computer with Apple and you couldn't play the encrypted iTunes material from the memory stick. As i said, I might be wrong, but it's certainly something to be considered.

As far as the new unit being dealer installed, JSpira has stated that it cannot be. He has access to a certain amount of inside information and is usually proven to be right when he makes a statement of this sort. Certainly he's a more reliable source of information than a CA usually is.