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Originally Posted by Mallard View Post
part number is 6131 6950263

Hi ,

Can you just clarify something for me ,

I have 330d with cruise fitted .. the type that applies the brakes if you resume and are going too fast.

From the active cruise point of view the braking and accelerating function is already in place.. all that would in my mind be required would be the radar that sits in the front lower grille. Plug it in .. enable it and off you go.

Do you know any more of what is involved with the installation ? are there more sensors or devices required ?
I called my dealer and asked but they said no it cannot be retro fitted.. but crucially never asked what car i had so i assume they just being a) difficult b) don't know what Iím talking about.

any info would be great as I truly believe that it shouldn't be a hard thing to upgrade too