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I know, bummer about the photos, but it has been raining that horrible drizzly thin rain which soaks you all day; it was difficult stopping the bits and bobs in the car getting knackered. Will stick some photos up tomorrow of what I can.

Yes, I bought the amp from those guys. Apparantly the amp that I got has been used by Vibe for press shoots, etc and never even been switched on. It is certainly immaculate and looks that way. I would defo recommend them.

The SWS-8 install should be pretty easy. I will take pics and post up about that. From what I have read and what gIzzE has said;

I think I need to dremmel out the ribs at the bottom of the enclosure, get some foam from B and Q and stick this round the sub so it seals, then glue gun / silicone up the hole where the factory sub has a plug and thats it.

If I get the SWS-8 low enough I can put the factory grilles back on, which I really want to do or they will get knackered with rubbish from the floor of the car on them I am sure.