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Originally Posted by Castel View Post
That's exactly why I like to work on my car myself if possible. Your mechanic installed the shift lever incorrectly, mine is completely centered in the middle for neutral. You need to go back and tell him to turn around 180 the shift lever. This one is easy and if you want you can do it on your own. Good luck!
Hey Castel - are you 100% SURE?

Look at page 5 - Comment #103 by Tritton and comment on #101. My setup is exactly like his.

I really appreciate any help.

"Is this the way it's suppose to be? 1st is now where thrid use to be and 2nd is where 4th use to be."

Is this correct? or did they install it backwards?

Here's how mine sits:

Neutral = Where 3rd gear use to be in the center

1st gear = Where Neutral use to be but up front

2nd gear = Where Neutral use to be but down bottom

3rd gear = Where 5th gear use to be

4th gear = Where 6th gear use to be

5th gear = All the way to the right up front

6th gear = All the way to the right down bottom

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