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Hey Mike,

Well, I took a few pictures and I have a couple of the original lever and the new one to clear up any doubts. The post you mentioned, #103, is for a 330i and not a 335i and I believe the Shift Levers are different in both kits... check to be certain.

This is how the original lever looks like (I'm selling the OEM assembly ):

And this is how the one from the 335i SSK (which I installed) looks like:

This picture is taken from this thread, you can check part numbers and the realoem link there too:

You can see that BOTH have the bent lever although they are slightly different.

Now these are the pictures of my SSK install. I bought the M-Tech perforated leather shift knob instead of the kit's one.

NEUTRAL from rear seat:

Neutral from exactly above:

3rd gear from above:

4th gear from above:

1st gear from above:

1st gear from the side: