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Nissan's eagerly-awaited GT-R sports car has come a long way since CEO Carlos Ghosn promised to put it back into production during the 2001 Tokyo Motor Show. Four years later, a new show car, dubbed the GT-R Proto is back on the Nissan stand, and according to chief designer Shiro Nakamura, it's "80 to 90 percent" of what the final production car will look like. The concept vehicle is clearly one of the hits of the 2005 Tokyo gathering, but Nissan officials are keeping observers guessing about specific details. For his part, Ghosn hinted the revived sports car will be loaded with a variety of high-tech features - think active suspension, computer-aided traction and steering systems and other goodies, sources suggest. A well-placed insider said the final production version, due to market in 2007, will boast a twin-turbo V-6 of somewhere between 3.5 and 3.8 liters, and making north of 450 horsepower. "The GT-R has an international cult following," said Ghosn, promising, "Those expectations will not be disappointed."

Here's a pic of it from the Tokyo Motor Show
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