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Originally Posted by Castel View Post
Do you have the pieces that your tech removed? If it's not the lever then maybe the shift arm? Check that he actually changed it... The Shift arm is different as it's missing a small bar from the front going down (has no effect) and MOST importantly it has a thicker/higher ring where the shift lever ball lies in. check this two diagrams:

This is the correct 335i lever. Check the red area, it is tall as opposed to next picture:

Original NON-SSK shift lever:

This is the easiest way you can distinguish between the two from above/inside the car instead of checking underneath and removing panels/pieces.

If the Shift Arm is correct and the Shift lever too and it doesn't look like my setup and pictures above then I don't know... maybe I'm lucky and got an incorrect lever that lies centered but I doubt it.
Ok - I just check the pieces that the tech removed. All looks good.

Old Shifting Arm - #25.11-7 524 720 (Which is correct for my car)
Ols Shifting Lever - 25117555911 (Which is correct for my car)

I will take everything apart from inside the car and confirm that the new shifting arm and shifting lever is correct. It should be because the invoice has the correct part #.

Weird - Just weird.

So does anybody else have installed a true SSK for the 335i? and if so, does your lever sit to the right while in neutral or is it dead center like the oem one?