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Code 2F9E - 12190 - Termic oil level sensor - What does it mean?

I had this code today. Only 3 instances of it were on the forum, and noone knew for sure what it meant. There was a guess that it might be triggered from when the car tells you it's low on oil (message to add 1 liter of oil) to a faulty oil sensor. I'm thinking why would it store a code if it was just low on oil? Maybe it's a faulty sensor?

The problem is I had both scenarios last week. Checked oil one day and it was half full. Next day I checked it was down to below minimum, so it said to add 1 liter. Then the next day, it was back to full! How the heck it could vary that much is beyond me. And I checked it each time in accordance with the manual, after the car was warmed up, and while stationary even to be safe.

Anyone know for sure if it's low oil or a bad sensor?

The crappy thing is that I'm taking the car in, and had to clear all the codes first, so that code's gone now too, and if it meant it's a faulty sensor, don't know what my chances of getting it fixed will be til it shows up again...